Friday, July 9, 2010

Global warming part 2 - a new art apron

After I took my morning walk, as the heat set in, I got to work in the cool house creating a new art apron. I used a couple of fabric remnants (sparkly denim for the apron, and another cool fabric for the pockets), an old Mexican woven belt (for the neck strap), another old fabric belt (for the waist tie), and a lonely purple shoelace (for some extra trimming). I also cut up an extra-large T-shirt with artists' quotes on it, that I received for free at a conference and never wore (because at barely 5' tall I'm decidedly un-XL).
Can't wait to mess it up when school starts!
When I asked my husband to come outside to shoot the photo of me in the apron, Isis bolted out the door. She is a HOUSE cat, but spends time outside for much of the day on a harness and rope tied to the porch ("dope on a rope"). Luckily for me, she's dopey enough that she flopped down and rolled, so I caught her before she got too far away. Too hot for chasing kitties.


  1. You are so ambitious! What a great project you accomplished in an afternoon. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really treasure it.

  2. I need a new apron for class so I googled "art education" and "apron." Guess who popped up!

  3. Too funny. This was LAST year's new apron; I made another one this year!