Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Comic #9 and some photo extras

Yup, I guess we don't need fancy technology to make us happy! I'm amazed by how many comments my little "I'm a dinosaur rant" garnered. Thanks folks, I'm fine. When it comes right down to it, my favorite demos are the "gather around" type, where you can pass the bucket of goo around the group and have each child "demo" what you've shown (I'm thinking papier-mache here, in case you can't tell). Can't do that on a Smart Board!
And now for something completely different:
Two views of snow for no reason other than 'just because'...
The house on the left is ours. It needs some fresh paint.

Hubby and I, outside to shovel. (Well I'd better be honest - he did most of the shoveling while I was tromping around with the camera. But next time I'll shovel, I promise, since he just bought me a nice new shovel and a wonderful new long-handled snow brush for my car. Thanks, sweetie!)


  1. I got your message... Thank you Thank you! I will look into it today!

  2. Will you check again on my blog? I think I fixed things, but I'm not sure. Thanks for dropping by my blog now and again. Thanks of your comments! I'm glad to ready your kids like the game. I love your blog too. So many people do! Nice to hear from you!


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