Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Picasso - "fractured vases" by 2nd grade

Another quick fun Picasso lesson! Someone gave me a bunch of clear acetate, and I used it for this lesson. On white paper, students sketched a vase (some added a flower too), and traced over it thickly with a black marker. Then they used a ruler to divide up the space, also with heavy black lines.
We taped a piece of acetate on top of the marker drawing, and colored on the acetate with oil pastels, leaving the black lines of the drawing showing.
Last step was to remove the original marker drawing, and flip the oil pastel picture onto a sheet of black construction paper.
I used colored duct tape to attach the acetate to the construction paper. I tried to photograph them to show you, but had trouble with the gloss of the acetate. So I ran a few through the scanner instead. The colorful borders didn't quite fit in the scanner.
Here's a few more~


  1. That is such an interesting process -- haven't heard of working on acetate in that way. I'm intrigued!

  2. What sounds really cool about this process (if I'm understanding it correctly) is that the oil pastels are protected. Right? That means when they hang no one will accidently scratch them (the kids always do this in our hallways so I put up a sheet of clear acetate over the whole display which quite honestly looks a little ghetto to me:) But it saves the work. When they bring it home it won't get all over their back packs before it hits the refridgerator too.

  3. Yes, Erica, there's no oil pastel for kids to lean against and get all over their clothes, or to scratch off, etc. It's all sealed in behind the acetate! The assembly process (I've been taping them down myself) has been really annoying, but they could be done more quickly w/clear tape or even staples, or behind a window mat.

    I should also mention I think the 2nd graders were maybe a little young to understand what they were doing (I only scanned some of the better ones) but they are colorful abstractions if you can't see the vases. With older kids, I've used the same process to make "fractured faces" and they are REALLY cool. But hey, even Jim Dine hearts would have been a great idea, now that I'm thinking on it!! I have enough acetate to use for another 20 years...

  4. I'm going to try this with my 3rd graders today. Something fun to do the last period before vacation!!! I'm hoping for a bit more abstraction with the third. I will let you know- they are a literal bunch.


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