Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some really funny artwork

This lesson was inspired by a one posted by Jacquelien at her blog Kids Artists and the results are some of the funniest pieces of kid art that I've seen in a while.
To start, I read the story The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen to my first graders. This was always a favorite of mine - my dad always said I was like the princess in the story. I had to cut every tag out of clothing ("itchy!") and was (and I guess I still am) very sensitive to fabrics etc.

Anyhow, the kids made beds for their princesses from strips of corrugated cardboard, and then used pieces of fabric for the layers of mattresses. They were thrilled to dig through the big box of fabric scraps. Then they drew and cut out a princess with almost no direction (resulting in some very funny princesses), and added a pillow and blanket if desired. Finally they added a ladder for the princess, a ruffled or lace curtain if desired, and some glitter-glue 'bling'. That princess on the right above doesn't look too happy, does she?

I love the hands on the bald floating princess in the center picture above. She has a LOT of fingers! That prince had better watch out!! And the princess on the right is so covered with blankets that you can barely see her! I hope the gal on the left doesn't get cold, with no blanket at all.

The princess on the left looks like she's sleeping in a sweat suit, and the one in the middle I think is wearing a T-shirt and boxers. I guess she must have forgotten to bring her suitcase. (The're something missing in this story - it never explains WHY this princess is out and about all by herself on a rainy night looking for a place to sleep.) And what about the cutie on the right above? I think she's naked, with pink sparkles everywhere!!!

And then there's the chubby princess on the left, who has no arms, and is maybe growing a pink tail, and on the right, I think the poor princess looks like she's trying to escape. Maybe the prince isn't quite what she expected?

I think it's interesting that there isn't a single princess with a crown in the whole first grade.


  1. I love the corrugated cardboard, Phyl. Did you purchase it already colored or did you have the kids paint over regular brown cardboard? The princess' are a hoot!

  2. Pat, I had one package of it already colored. I planned on using it for something else that didn't work as intended, so it was available. I did paint some larger old pieces of yellow corrugated cardboard brown for some hamburger buns for texture sandwiches (just realized I never posted these; maybe they'll be next). When we cut the cardboard the paint chipped like crazy (it was tempera).

  3. Thanks Phyl! Do you remember where you bought the colored corrugated package? Catalogue or craft store? Just trying to find it fast, thanks!


  4. I wonder about that crown thing? Who is the princess? Maybe they put themselves in the story but I'm speculating. They are so cool. Why is that princess running around town in the rain? Good question! My guess, it's a set up!

  5. I love it!!! I'm totally going to try this one!!


  6. @ Pat - the cardboard came from School Specialty, though I think you could probably get it from any craft store like A.C.Moore, or Michael's, or even Wal-Mart.

    @ Janet - good luck! It was a little crazy - maybe a few too many steps for 1st graders, but they loved it.

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  8. Great artworks Phil! Good idea to add a ladder!
    And ... maybe you should remove the comment above I guess, I had the same on my blog.

  9. Love this idea. Just wondering if the boys in your class balked at making a princess? Or was it a non-issue?

  10. @ Jacquelien - I've removed the comment. I was out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, at our Adirondack cottage, and away from TV and internet too! So I didn't see the comment until just now as I am first checking emails etc.

    @ Zilker Elementary Art - The boys didn't balk at all. I think everyone was so excited about digging through the gigantic box of fabric remnants - it was like looking for buried treasure - that they weren't giving much thought to anything beyond that. And who doesn't like to squeeze a bottle of glitter glue?!

  11. No crowns? Well I don't sleep in mine. Do you? :0)


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