Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jackson Pollock success!

Jackson Pollock paintings by 4th grade, and more spontaneous abstract works are complete! 2nd graders made some great collages with scrap materials, and 3rd graders combined oil pastels, baby oil, and black tempera for some fun paintings.

Each Pollock-style painting is big, colorful, and unique - there are 8 paintings total (4 from each 4th grade class, each painted by a group of approximately 4 students). Here's 2 of them:

Here's some closeups:

And some more of the paintings:

And something cute a student made with some extra time:


  1. Those are awesome paintings! I wanted to do something like that when I was teaching art, but I didn't have the nerve to let a big mess happen. Very good!

  2. Hey Phyl,

    They turned out GREAT! I swear they look just like the Pollock's I saw at the Guggenheim ten years ago only much more colorful! So, when is the last day of school? Are you getting excited? I can't stop thinking about how I would feel if I was you and I knew I didn't have to go back in August. I hope you can exit gracefully with a minimum of one box of tissues to dry your happy/sad tears! Gimme a shout, girlfriend-


  3. Hi Phyl it must be an awesome feeling knowing you are retiring but I am sure you will miss the creativity of the kids. Could you tell me how you used the oil pastel, baby oil and tempera paint to create those abstract works??? Please??
    Cheryl Hancock
    Perth Western Australia>

    1. On watercolor paper, we drew squiggles, swirls or shapes with lighter color lines including white, and then scribbled over them with an analogous color. We put a little baby oil on a tissue, and then rubbed over them, using a clean part of the tissue for each color. It blends the top color and leaves the design of the underneath color. The next time they came to art, we used a slightly thinned black tempera to to draw line designs, shapes, & squiggles on top of the blended oil pastels. Easy and fun, though the tables got a little oily!

  4. These are so fun and expressive- your kids are lucky to experience this. My kids are always asking to do this but I'm too scared of my custodian to even attempt it- maybe outside sometime!

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