Monday, February 22, 2016

As per your requests - Wampum Weaving Planning Graph!

Over the years I've had this blog, my various posts about 4th grade wampum belt weaving project, using pony beads, have been among my most popular.   You can find these posts here, here, here, here, and here.  Yup, that's 5 different posts, some with samples, and some with instructions.
Often, people have landed at one of these posts via Pinterest, where the project has been shared many times and are therefore missing the whole story, since some of the posts are sequential.  So I've give you links to them all so you can find any info you could possibly want, I hope.
I've had numerous requests for the planning graph that we used for designing the wampum belts (that you see in these photos), and until now, I've been unable to oblige.  When I retired, I left all the files and copies with my replacement.  But I've finally snagged a copy, and scanned it, and you can now find a link to it in my Document Weblinks tab on the top of the blog.  Or  if you want even a more direct path to the doc, here's a direct link to it!  Poof!  It's yours!
Feel free to copy it, or as an idea how to make your own.  My students used them to plan their design, to count how many of each color bead they needed, and to follow the pattern row by row when weaving.  There's potentially a lot of math in there for those of you who struggle to incorporate math into your curriculum! Have fun!!


  1. I am very grateful for your wonderful posts on making wampum and the planning graph! We used this project in our homeschool and my children enjoyed it. I posted about it on my blog. I'm sorry I forgot to add a link to your blog when I first published it but I have corrected that.
    Thank you for sharing your passion for art!

    1. No problem! I've discovered that my blog address is not on the top of the document, as it is for most of the other docs I have linked. I'll be correcting that soon, so it won't ever present a problem! Glad your kids enjoyed the project.


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