Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The annual henna-and-wine-on-the-dock day!

Once a year, three of my favorite former colleagues join me at my 'camp' for a henna-on-the-dock date, where we ate lunch on the dock, drank some sparkling pink moscato, shmoozed, and painted ourselves with henna. The group consists of the high school art teacher, the current elementary art teacher (my former job) who was the elementary computer teacher when I was still teaching, and the middle school math teacher who used to be a 4th grade teacher.  I previously posted about our henna date in 2013, but we've done it every year!  You can find the 2013 post by CLICKING HERE.
The two photos above are the legs of me and the math teacher.  I've told you about her before, and our first experiences with henna, when she was a 4th grade teacher going through chemo for breast cancer.  Over the course of that winter seven years ago, I painted henna on her head on three occasions,  and it was the best therapy imaginable.  You can read more about that by CLICKING HERE
Like any group, we grow and change over the years.  The youngest member of the group, the high school art teacher, now has a toddler.  After eating lunch, she painted henna on her ankle, but... after a few smears and her little guy jumping in a muddy puddle, she decided to leave it was safest to leave it as an ankle decoration!  I don't blame her.  But oh, the little guy, with his head of loopy curls, is SO adorable!!  That's her ankle, above.  Below is my leg.  The two different colors are the difference between the parts that are fresh and the parts that have dried.  
The fourth gal chose not to paint henna at all.  She's only been coming to henna-day for two years, and she's a bit conservative in her 'look' but we were glad we had her there with us to eat lunch in the sunshine and schmooze! Thanks for stopping by!