Monday, June 7, 2010

another batch - altered books in progress...

It's the Cheshire Cat, and here's the rabbit hole inside this book.
When it's complete, Alice will be falling in......

And this is a phone book (obviously) but when you open it up, it is all solidly glued together with a secret compartment inside. (Aah, the magic of ModPodge...)
Nobody would ever know it's not just a phone book until it the cover is lifted.

And here's a couple other works-in-progress...

And finally, before I forget - for those of you who might be interested, my Ben is safely and happily about 8000 miles away in South Africa, and I am now worry free. It was a tough couple of days.


  1. WOW! I am a huge Alice Fan! Love the alice book~ thanks for posting these~ Glad to hear everything is good on the homefront.

  2. I love these Phyl - great project! I'm a huge Alice fan too so I love the cheshire cat.

  3. Phyllis I love your blog. Thanks for joining my B-art-z blog too.
    I really like the altered book project. I don't have a way of collecting so many books right now. But who knows???
    I will be checking in often to see what is new on your blog. It's cool you are still in school out East, we start in mid August so you will see more from me then!

  4. Thanks Kathy. It's amazing how easy it actually is to get books. The minute the state curriculum changes, out they go... The big problem is storage, but I don't let that kind of thing bother me. I guess I'm a touch nuts! Keep checking back over the summer; I plan to keep posting now and then. School starts right after Labor Day here.