Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peace, Baby!

Looking for a great way to kick off your school year with spirit and meaning? For three years I started my school year with a celebration of the International Day of Peace, which takes place annually on September 21st, with a Pinwheels for Peace installation.

You can click here to see my prior post about this wonderful event, which was developed by two art teachers!


  1. Phyl - We did this at our school, too. It was easy to do and very moving to see 800 pinwheels on the school's front yard (which is on a well-traveled shopping destination street). Such a great message!!

  2. This will be my 4th year doing this with the entire school! We even have a little parade around and then the kids put the pinwheels in a Peace sign shape and we sit outside and have an assembly with singing, inspiring stories and positive things to say! It is a wonderful day!