Monday, November 26, 2012

Random images from a lakeside Thanksgiving

The frost is on the pumpkin
    My main intent for this blog is as an art education blog, but honestly, some of my posts containing my nature photos get the most views and the most comments, so today I am sharing some of my oddball outdoor photos that I shot on Thanksgiving day (while the turkey was in the oven), and a few more from the morning after, all at my lovely Loon Lake.
Thanksgiving day, a kayak, and a loon
Two loons!
My favorite photo, morning after Thanksgiving
This photo is begging me to edit in eyeball details!
frosty morning
frozen ground
Identical twins.  No kidding.

 Oh well.  Above are two sideways photos, not intentionally.

Tell me what you think....
There is no religious intent here.  I am Jewish.


  1. I always love to see your nature photos! The one"tell me what you think" looks kind of surrealistic in that position! Saw it last night for the first time and had to look and look again before I realized it was upside down and the sky was the reflection! Very cool! My favorite is "frosty morning" ! :)

  2. WOW!!!! Just looked at my blog and realized I am officially at 800 followers!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Thank you everyone!!!

  3. My favorite is the dock and it's reflection. I wish youwould think about publishing a book of your photos! I'd buy a copy! And-Congrats on 800!!!! followers! Yahootie!


    1. Wow, thanks Pat. Food for thought - I'd love to do something with my photos but not sure if they are high enough quality - I don't currently have a 'good' camera (SLR) - I'm using a simple Canon PowerShot. A book... Like I said, food for thought.