Thursday, January 10, 2013

Test-driving the new camera - I'm in love!

We went to Lake George in the sunshine today so I could give my new Nikon D5100 a good test-drive.  I let hubby take a couple of pics of me, though I think he is scared of the camera.  Just set it on automatic, please!  I'm getting over my own fear, and intend to use every feature.  By the way, note my absolutely FABULOUS new camera bag  hanging across my shoulder.  I searched long and hard for a bag that was small, carried across the shoulder, could go hiking or on a simple walk, had room for what I needed, and was CUTE too.  Ta da!  The Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home!  Yes folks, that's the name of the camera bag.  You can't see it in the picture, but the inside is an absolutely brilliant turquoise color.  Ooh la la!!  It wasn't cheap, but hey, you get what you pay for, the quality is excellent, it's guaranteed, and I'm happy.  There's room for the camera, the little necessities (filter, spare battery, Rocket blower, cell phone/wallet, and my sunglasses.  If I got a bigger bag I'd put more stuff in it, and that is NOT a good thing.  I need something I can easily manage tromping in the woods or I won't use it.  By the way, I currently have the Nikon camera strap on the camera, but I'm making a padded strap-cover (I found instructions online) and I'll show you when it is done!  I need to be a fashionable photographer!!

We spent a bit of time exploring an mini-golf course with an 'around the world' theme, and that's where these photos were taken.  
 I shot a  few pictures experimenting with the creative options on the camera.  This is the only pic I shot with selective color.  (I set in on the yellow and then couldn't figure out how to change the color for another picture.  Being that I was wearing gloves and it isn't exactly summer outside, I decided to figure that element out in the warmth of my home.)  Sorry it is rotated.  I wasn't going to post any pics that blogger rotated, but since this is the only one I shot like this, you're stuck with it.
     This photo below was shot with another creative setting - cool, isn't it?  
After we finished up in the mini-golf course, we went down the road to the Magic Forest amusement park, where Uncle Sam and Santa stand as sentinels, and shot the photos below.  I have some great vertical photos of Uncle Sam against the brilliant blue sky, but since they are all vertical and blogger rotated them all, I didn't want you to need a trip to the chiropractor just for looking at my photos.
 Here's another sideways one, but I couldn't resist.  Again, a creative camera mode. 
 Above is lovely Lake George, which didn't have any ice at all!  That doesn't bode well for their annual Winter Carnival, does it? 

Finally, we went home.  Here's the necessary photo of my cat, and some tins in my kitchen.  I collect them.
 I promise I'll get back to posting art teaching stuff again real soon; I have lots to share, but since the camera is new, I couldn't resist.  You understand, I'm sure. 


  1. I DO understand. Now I'm going to have to go investigate my camera to find out about "creative camera modes" with color options. I had no idea it could do that!!!!! Great shots, by the way!!

    1. Christie, check your manual; the instructions are in there. You go to the effects mode on the top dial, and then use that rotator dial thing to scroll through the effects. The efforts include the selective color, silhouette, miniature effect, and that outline effect. I think there are others too. Once you pick the effect you then press OK and use arrows to make some choices. I'll be surprised if any of this makes sense! I assume you know how to use the scene selections?: again, go to scene on the top dial, and use the rotator to scroll through choices.

      How long have you had yours? Any prior photo training?

  2. Hi Phyl...When I got my Digital Pentax a couple of yrs back (loved mine from the 80's) I went to a class at the Cleveland Photographic Society (lots of pros sharing know how!) they have a club by you? This group is so active and fun...lots of field trips and weekly competitions... I am amazed by the local talent!

    1. Good idea, thanks. There used to be a camera club locally but I think they are defunct. The store where I bought the camera will be offering a 4-hour class for new DSLR owners so I'll definitely sign up. That should help a bit.