Saturday, February 8, 2014

You Gotta Have Heart(s)!

 I first posted this lesson (with these pictures and much of the text) two years ago, February 2012.   I thought it would be fun to share it with you again today, with Valentine's day in barely a week.

 The fun (and messy) quickie lesson took two sessions, but turned out to be a lot tougher for my 2nd graders than I expected, though in the end everyone was successful and happy, and the hallway display got rave reviews! 
  The kids began by choosing 2 colors of tissue paper, and cutting out hearts (this was a hard part). We used our papier-mache paste ("art paste") to glue them down with a paintbrush.

Then everyone took one toilet paper tube and crunched it into a heart shape for printing. Thanks to the blogger who recommended this to me, though I could not find where or who that was. The kids had a hard time making the heart shape, so I went around the room and crunched for them. They LOVED stamping the hearts! I let them use both ends of the tube, and a few kids discovered they were also making heart stamps in their palms, because of the paint on both ends. They were SO excited about this!
 We completed these by selecting a construction paper mat for a border, and then using a thin Sharpie and other thin markers to write things we love, and to add more design and color. I was tickled at how many kids wrote "I love art" or "I love my art teacher". Some of their spelling is pretty funny, but I really likeD what they wrote. A lot of them wrote "I love myself"! I guess they have pretty strong self-images. Hmmm...

Here's the bunch of them all displayed together on one hallway bulletin board.  
I hope you enjoyed this 'vintage' lesson from my blog!


  1. Thanks Phyl! I always loved this lesson! :)

    1. Thank you! Looking back, I think the best part was all the painted hearts that were inadvertently painted into the palms of the students when they used the back end of their TP roll to stamp a new color!