Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Subbing and an almost art show

I subbed today in my former classroom!  The current teacher was busy all day setting up for tomorrow's art show, so I got to spend my day with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, all my former students.  It's so much fun to sub there - the kids treat me like a celebrity and are always so excited to see me there.  Lots of hugs!!!
And lucky me - I had a really fun day.  The 4th graders folded paper into 6th's and painted each square to become a different scoop of ice cream - actually, five scoops, and one square for the cone.  I look forward to seeing these when they are complete!  Because I know the kids and love painting with them,the teacher let me decide how to set it up and I was happy with the way the kids painted.  Not sure that the colors are true in these photos, but you get the idea.
The 5th graders were working on Wayne Thibaud cakes, but I don't have any photos, and the 6th graders were finishing up some work, scrubbing and scraping tables, and sorting markers, as well as helping with the art show setup.
At the end of the day, I stopped in the gym to see how the show setup was going and shot some photos to share with you here.  They were still hanging more work when I left.  (It's a K-13 art show, 2 art teachers; it takes place on school budget vote day, plus there's a concert, too!  Busy day/night in the school!)  The photo above is of course, me.  They have this at the art show for fun photos!  AAAAHHH!!!!

Below, a paper weaving project, I believe 6th grade.
 Next, some mandalas, with a CD in the center, made I think by 4th graders.
 Some construction paper molas by 6th grade.  These are, like authentic molas, a 'reverse applique' method, which means that instead of stacked layers, layers are cut into to reveal layers underneath.
 Japanese carp kites.  Not sure of the grade level.  5th grade I think.
 Wampum belt weaving with pony beads, by 4th grade.
 Sailboat painting/collages.  Maybe 2nd or 3rd grade?  Somehow it seems I didn't get any photos from Kindergarten or 1st grade.
 Papier-mache fish - 5th grade? 4th grade?  Not really sure...
 Circular weavings - again, not sure of the grade.
 A high school Studio in Art (9th grade) color harmony project.
 The coolest things ever, these elementary circular weavings on red clay looms (the color looks brown in these photos, but it was really more reddish I think.)
 And a few more random pieces from some secondary students.


  1. Such a win-win situation -- you get to enjoy teaching in your old room with kids you know, the kids get to see a teacher they know and love, and the teacher can get her work done knowing that all is well in the classroom!!! LOVE the molas and the clay loom weavings!!

    1. Yup! By the way, I am also smitten with those clay looms. There's no kiln in the elementary art room, so she shuttles all the clay projects to the high school art teacher for them to be fired. It takes a bit of coordination and commitment on both their parts. I never did this; I just used air dry clay. Just too much to coordinate and I didn't honestly have the clay expertise anyhow.

  2. I would love more information about those clay looms! Are you willing to share the teacher's contact information? My email is stephensonm@wws.k12.in.us. Thank you!

    1. I will send her your email address. I don't want to give out her email without asking her first. I don't know how long it will take for her to get back to you; she's a very busy gal. But, I've seen similar lessons posted by other teachers. Google 'clay looms' and see what you find. Here's a similar project I just found with a Google search:


  3. Thanks for continuing to share all these brilliant ideas. I just love your blog