Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pinterest Syndrome - or - Why my Nails are Black

Oh Pinterest, how you deceive me!  On Pinterest, I have a board titled 'I want to do this'.  And another that I have named 'I could  make this'.  And on my Beads and Fun Jewelry board, along with jewelry that I think is really cool, there are tutorials for some bead/jewelry projects I would like to try or have already tried.  Like this one, here, for example, pictured below.  The image from my pin is on the left, and my homemade version is on the right. 
I made the necklace on a warm summer day.  I couldn't locate any of those rectangular clasp thingies which were pretty essential for properly assembling the ends, so my strings got tangled and kinked time after time, and I lost count, and my beads fell off the string, and I got bit multiple times by those nasty little red spider critters, and many many (too many) hours later I ended up with it still not done.  It took me several more hours (no exaggeration here) and several failed attempts to come up with a solution to keep the ends lined up in order. What I invented looks more like the binding of a spiral notebook than a proper end cap to the bead strands, and if you look closely, all the little knots and glue attaching the strings are really kind of ugly.  So I never wear it, and I can't sell it. 
 Maybe you've also attempted some Pinterest project that wasn't, um, quite as easy as it looked?  Or maybe it was a project you instead found on Facebook, like making pendants by marbling nail polish on glass stone gems?  (I learned about this on the Facebook Art Teacher page.  Here's a link to the video that was posted.)  I tried it out a couple of days ago, which is why I have now painted my nails like this:
You see, by the time I was done, my nails were badly stained with multiple colors of nail polish, even after I had scrubbed and cleaned them multiple times with nail polish remover and Lava soap.  The only solution left was to paint them black.

The plus side is, of course, the ring I'm wearing, which I just made from one of the marbled glass stones.  It's also pictured at the top of the post.  Here are the other marbled glass stones that I made.
I expect to make them into more rings, or maybe some pendants, or buttons, magnets, or even perhaps some bracelets. 

In the defense of the project, I actually am quite smitten with how they look, and now that I know what to expect I think I will be trying it again, but I'll be better prepared.  I'll be wearing disposable glove, and will have my kitchen completely covered with drop cloths!  I made 25 of them, and finally got the hang of it only after I had completed the first dozen and made the mess.  Picture this: you are holding a glass stone in a pair of pliers. You dip it into a layer of nail polish floating in a dish of water.  As you pull it out, and attempt to wipe the excess nail polish from its edges, it suddenly springs from the pliers, wet, sticky, and colorful, and flies halfway across your kitchen, leaving a trail of nail polish drips on your counter, your floor, your clothes, and of course, your hands.

Some people on Facebook have asked me how I made them. To which I will respond thus: either check out this video link, or alternatively, go on Pinterest, and search 'nail polish marbling' and you'll find everything from flowerpots, to Easter eggs, to fingernails done using the same method I used.  And mugs, pictured below.  Really, seriously, mugs?!  If I made a big mess marbling tiny glass globules, imagine how much mess I could  make attempting to marble an entire mug!!!  Ummm yeah.....I'm definitely not the right person to offer a tutorial for something I clearly made a huge mess attempting to do!
DIY Nail Polish Marble Mug
 Am I the only person who consistently and repeatedly has disastrous results when attempting to do something I've found on Pinterest?  I wish I could remember them all to share.

 Have you perhaps tried to make a work of art with crayons glued on a canvas and heated with a hair dryer? (Here's a link to a photo of the 'fail'.  I admit that I have not tried this myself.) Or have you drawn on a ceramic mug with a Sharpie to bake in the oven?  Melted old CD's or vinyl records for some crafty project? (Don't you DARE melt any of my precious vinyl!!)  Mixed Elmer's glue and shaving cream to make whipped cream on an art project (it didn't work for me)?  Have you frozen water and food coloring in balloons to create colorful orbs to place  in the snow?  Dyed boring old buttons with Rit Dye?  Made wind chimes with cookie cutters?  Made a scarf with loops cut from the circumference of a T-shirt? (I did try this; they came out looking like shredded rags and went straight to the trash.  I took no pictures)  Perhaps you've attempted to create a personalized sewing mannequin with duct tape? Yes, I actually tried this one!  You can read about my misadventures building Violetta, the duct tape dummy, in this post right here
Sorry, but it is not a project I would recommend.

Here's something I want to try from one of my Pinterest boards - to make little pies made from a bottlecap, seed beads, and felt.  I suppose they could become magnets, or a necklace or pin?  Or a decoration for some unnecessary kitchen craft? What could possibly go wrong?
And then, of course, now that I'm thinking about pies... there are all those fabulous and gorgeous recipe ideas on my various recipe boards:  there are apple pies baked in an apple (how the heck do you weave those tiny strips of pie crust?),
or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches cooked in a waffle iron (my husband does NOT want me to try this one), or fried eggs cooked adorably inside of a perfect pepper slice (here's a link to a 'fail' photo) or in an avocado half.
Eggs in Bell Pepper ringsAvocado Eggs
 Or if I had a young kid at home, maybe I'd want to attempt to make hot dog/spaghetti squid, or frozen banana penguins!
Cute frozen banana and chocolate penguin snack
 Have you made any of these things?  Do they ever look anything like the pictures?  I have my doubts...  Could I ever make a beverage that came out looking like this Italian cream soda or the s'mores martini??
Homemade Italian Cream Sodas: Butter with a Side of Bread
I mean, seriously folks.  I'm drooling at how gorgeously delicious they look, but if I tried this, I'd have foaming puddles all over the kitchen counter, which I would be trying to siphon up with a straw. And then I'd be too drunk to care how they look...

FYI, I did an Internet image search for 'Pinterest fails', and found an endless supply.  Follow this link to see them.  They are a hoot!  There's even a hilarious picture of the crayon/hairdryer project, which I am unable to post here.  Or perhaps you might want to go here, to a whole blog devoted to Pinterest fails!

But I can't really blame all the failures on Pinterest.  I've had flops long before Pinterest existed. There was the time that, at a conference workshop, a presenter shared a fabulous Monet lesson.  Her students had created fences or Japanese bridges out of masking tape on fingerpaint paper, then watercolored the sky and water or grass for background, and used sponges and/or Q-tips to dab vibrant tempera colors for flowers.  When dry, the tape was peeled, leaving a white fence or bridge in a garden of flowers.  Or at least that's what happened when her students did it.  Home from the conference, I introduced Monet and  dove right in with my 3rd graders, not making a sample first, and was very excited about the project.  In a subsequent art class, when the painting was complete and dry, we peeled the tape, and one after another, it tore holes in everyone's papers.  One girl sobbed hysterically, non-stop for the rest of art class, but the others were more willing to stay calm.  I grabbed scraps of construction paper and tissue paper, and we tore, cut and glued quickie flowers over all the holes.  Lesson learned.  The pictures were beautiful but I never repeated the lesson. 

Every year in the fall, for many years, I sent my 4th graders home with paper to sit outside and draw their homes.  We then used carbon paper to transfer the drawings to watercolor paper, and painted them.  It was a great project.  One year, I decided we should do them large - 18"x24".  I ran out of carbon paper for one class, and the teacher down the hall offered up a big box of ditto masters.  (For those of you too young to remember ditto, the copies are purple and wonderfully smelly.)  Anyhow, the ditto masters worked just like carbon paper for tracing their drawings.  Then, we started to paint.  As the wet brushes hit the paper, the purple ink bloomed, and everyone's houses, turned purple, along with the grass, the sky, the sidewalk, and basically anything in the artwork.  And as a bonus, their hands also turned purple.  I'm sure this lesson would have been posted on Pinterest, with a beautiful picture, and no mention of the hazards of the lesson variation. 
Anyhow, that's enough for tonight!  I will leave you, above and below, with images from my  'Pinterest fails nail polish marbling' search.  I guess I should be thankful I didn't try marbling my own fingers and toes!!
And here's one final 'nailed it' image that I found and just had to share with you. I think perhaps I'll skip attempting this one!


  1. I have a lot o those pins that I want to try! Sometimes i too read the directions and in my head think, yeah, that;s not going to work.... I have had a couple of recipe fails and have become very picky about what and who I pin! My daughter and i played around with the fancy nail designs this summer... I helped her to do the marbled nails to which we watched many Youtube videos before attempting... they came out great after a couple of practice nails to figure out the mistakes... the biggest must was you have to mask off your fingers with tape around your nails or they will definitely look like the fails in the picture! We also tried the newsprint fingernail design( our favorite) where you transfer the newsprint onto your painted nails. It looks very cool! It took us a couple of nails to figure it out but then the rest were great and we redid the fails...she wore those for a good week. I love Pinterest for the endless inspiration but like anything else you have to beware when something looks too good! There are some awesome ideas out there you always should look for multiple sources to see if they have tried it and how it worked for them or any changes they found they needed to make. It's still loads of fun getting lost on Pinterest! :) p.s. like your nails! I'm loving the short dark nails lately, I have some darker navy, purple, gray and maroon I have been sporting... of course after a few days of non-stop washing at school they start to fall apart in about 3 days! I'm always suspicious of the art teacher with perfect manicured they get they're hands dirty or live in plastic gloves? :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family! Happy New Year! :)

  2. Love this post. It's great to be able to chuckle and relate!!! I can't wait to cruise over to pinterest and look up some of those fails.
    Happy New Year

    1. There are so many! You'll be amazed... Rainbow cakes, babies in pumpkins, and so much more!

  3. I made the apple pies in an apple. It took two sets of apples. One to cut up for the insides and one to use for the shells. They were pretty but also pretty expensive.

    1. Missy, was it hard to weave the crusts? I think I lack fine motor control..

  4. Thanks for the chuckles!! I followed your link to the Pinterest Fails and spent the next 10 minutes laughing. I noticed several post of multilayered rainbow cakes. I think I may have put one of those on my recipe board with thoughts of trying it one day -- I guess I'm glad I never got around to giving it a try (based on the failed results pictures!!!)
    Anyway, I like your marble stones a lot and imagine you will create some terrific goodies with them in the new year. And with that said, Happy New Year, Phyl:))

    1. Thanks, Christie. I also have a version of the rainbow cake pinned. And many other pretty cakes. Luckily, I badically stopped making cakes after my son 'graduated' from birthday parties. But before that, my cakes were pretty funky!

  5. Hahaha! It's good to know that I am not the only one... Great post!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I think there are probably more Pinterest 'fails' than ones that work!!

  6. As for the sting and balloon project, my daughter decided she wanted to use these as part of her (us, and in the 2 of us making everything) diy wedding decoration in 2011. The secret is using a bucket of glue and dropping the entire amount of string into the glue first thing before wrapping the balloon (very messy!). I've had my share of pinterest fails, but this one, after some trial and error actually worked beautifully.

    1. Lindaloo, I didn't actually try that project. Years ago, the first grade teachers in my school made Christmas ornaments with their students this way. They'd dump the ball of yarn/string in a glue/water mix placed in an old baby wipes container. The string was pulled out thru the hole, keeping the project from being such a mess. Very clever I thought. Then they'd roll them in glitter. EEK! (I despise glitter!)

  7. What a fun post. I have tons of pins on Pinterest, but I never ever go back and look at them. Happy new year, Phyl!!!