Friday, June 26, 2015

A new lens, a little nature

 It's been a while since I've done a post like this, simply sharing recent photos.  This post will contain no education jargon, no controversial art ed issues, no how-to information on a certain art material, and no 'show and tell' of student projects.  
Instead, today I'm simply sharing some recent photos with you.  Some of these images were shot at our lakeside Adirondack 'camp', both on land and in my kayak, others were taken at Quechee Gorge in nearby Vermont, and still more were from a recent road trip to some locks along the Champlain canal system, just 1/2 hour from my home.
I generally take 2 cameras with me when I head out for the day.  One is a Nikon DSLR, and the other is  a good quality Sony point & shoot.  Recently, my Sony was sent out to get its sensor cleaned, and since I was missing its incredible zoom capabilities, I took it as an opportunity to FINALLY buy a telephoto zoom for my Nikon that I've wanted for a while.  I had held off making the purchase because these lenses always seemed too heavy for my needs.  When I was shown this new model Nikkor 55-200 zoom lens, I was smitten.  It is light, compact, and I've been very pleased with the image quality and eases of use. Most of the photos in this post were shot using the new lens.
The pic on the left below, a marsh outcropping, looks to me like a fairy tale castle!
The one on the bottom right feels like a Monet painting, though they are not waterlilies.
 When I was little, watching boats go through the canal was a favorite family activity.
 Doesn't this photo below make you think of the Hudson River School of painting?
 Above, my son on Father's Day
And below, an osprey high above on a perch on top of a power pole.
And a few more pics...
    And that's all for tonight!  Next post, back to our "regularly scheduled programming"!  

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