Sunday, July 26, 2015

Is it a psychedelic hairnet, or sharknado protection?

Have you seen or heard about Boston's sculpture that hangs in the in the air over the city,suspended between large buildings?
We were in Boston yesterday evening, and had a couple of hours to kill before my son's band's gig to celebrate their CD release.  Here's my son, the bass player. 
 So I said I wanted to see the Janet Echelman sculpture floating in the air over the Greenway, and since I knew how to get to the gig venue and my husband did not, he went along without complaining.  This is how the sculpture looked when we arrived.
 We sat outside in the fresh evening air as the sun went down and waited for the colors to emerge on the sculpture.
 I shot approximately a million photos, I think, but I'll just share a few of them here today.  
 The colors of and reflections on the architecture around the sculpture added an extra pizazz to the overall aura of the sculpture. 
 The sculpture will be in place until October, so if you are in Boston, it's worth a look!  
The sculpture changes in the evening breeze. 
 Colorful LED lights shining from various locations illuminate the sculpture at night. 
Then, we hopped on the subway, and made our way to the venue where the band would be playing.  The band plays searing rock music.  You can follow them  on Instagram here: The Functionals.  Here's a couple more images from the gig. 


  1. Wow, Janet's sculpture is breath taking.

    1. Yes, it is definitely unique to see! We were lucky to be there on a lovely evening, with the time to relax and watch it as the sun went down, for about an hour. Though when we first got there, with it sort of silhouetted in the early evening light, it appeared dark grayish and looked like someone's fishing net had gotten stuck in the sky. It definitely improved when the breeze blew and the sky darkened and it began to catch some light from the LEDs illuminating it.