Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sharpie shoes! Doodles for my feet!

 I've been doodling on shoes again...
I've had these ankle boots for a year, but I also have a pair of black clogs, and a pair of black knee-high boots, so these boots were sort of redundant.  They are very comfy, but I thought they were were kind of blah, so they deserved a makeover. 
I bought oil-based silver Sharpie paint markers, and tonight, while watching some brainless TV, I went to town on the boots.  I'm looking forward to wearing them!  I have no idea how the Sharpie will hold up if/when I wear them in rainy or snowy weather.  Hopefully, OK?
Last summer, I did this to a pair of ugly but comfy orthopedic sandals, with a white Sharpie oil-based paint marker.  I think it really helped.  Now I actually WANT to wear them instead of hiding their hideousness in the closest!
I've doodled on other stuff, such as this purse below, with regular Sharpies.  The purse is several years old, and the Sharpie has held up well.   I have a black purse I'm bored with.  Maybe it will get the silver Sharpie treatment next.  But it has a gold clasps, so maybe I'll use silver AND gold, so it will go with more. 

And then there's iPad covers.  This one below was my first iPad.
 And this is my current iPad cover, done with black, white, silver, gold, and bronze Sharpies.
And this one was a gift for an old friend.
I've decorated bowling shoes with Sharpies, both for me and a colleague.  Thank goodness I doodle a LOT better than I bowl.  I may roll lots of gutter balls, but hey, at least my feet are gonna look good!  I decorated the bowling shoes probably 8 years or so ago; it took me until this summer to realize that I could doodle on other shoes, too.

Hmm, I wonder what I can doodle on next?  My car is already decorated, and my husband would not be happy if I attacked his shoes....


  1. Awesome boots! I saw the word doodle with the picture and I knew it was your post... just because you never use 'zentangle' :)

  2. I love these! Add such so much spunk and uniqueness! and i love how you do use the term 'zentangles'. However, my art teacher when i was in elementary used the term 'tangles' and not doodles.

  3. Love the boots with the silver doodles. Let us know how they do in winter weather :)

    1. Thank you! I certainly will let you know! Meanwhile, I now have rejuvenated an old black leather purse, also with silver!

  4. Hello !! Only with sharpies? o.O wow you don't use it some material to protect it?

    1. They aren't regular Sharpies; they are Sharpie paint markers, which are oil-based. And since I wrote the blog post, I've successfully sprayed the boots with waterproofing spray!