Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Toothpaste Batik at NAEA!

The NAEA convention in NY city is over, and I have so much I want to share, that I'll have to break it into a handful of posts.  Today's post is about the two workshops I taught at the convention.  One workshop, a quickie 25 minutes, was called "Sink your Teeth into Toothpaste Batik".  The goal was to simply review the process to give people the info they need to do it on their own, and to share some examples.  I think the lure of toothpaste as an art medium had people intrigued, because to say that it was crowded would be an understatement!  People were everywhere!!!!  Look at them all!!
 I've previously blogged about the toothpaste batik process and results, HERE, HERE, and HERE, and some other places too (use the labels at the bottom of the blog to find them all) so I'm not going to go over the step-by-step again in this post.  Instead, here are links to the handout and PowerPoint that were shared with workshop attendees.  They are also shared on the Document Weblinks tab on the upper right of the blog, if viewed in your browser. 
Meanwhile, what is everyone laughing about in the photo below?  It's simple, really!  I had a bottle of "not glue", the name I use for the mix of toothpaste and lotion that is used for a resist.  I wanted to pass it around toward the back of the room, so they could see it, so I tossed the bottle into the crowd.  Unfortunately, I am not an athlete, and didn't control my throw.  I believe I hit someone in the head.  Thank goodness everyone was laughing!!!
Look at this, there's even people sitting behind me on the floor, and under the beam of the  projector!
I hope it was a worthwhile workshop for everyone there!
Thanks to Kim and Karen (bloggers at Kim & Karen: 2 Soul Sisters) for your total awesomeness!  These two fabulous ladies volunteered to help me.  So handed my camera over to one of them (Kim? Karen?  I wish I could remember which sister is which!) who took these pics in the very poor light of the workshop room.  Thank you, ladies!  So glad to finally meet you, after reading your blog for so many years.

I also taught a ticketed hands-on workshop called "The Amazing Flexagon - Magic with Art and Math".  I've blogged about this project before several times; HERE's one such link
I wish I'd remembered to take more pictures, so you could see what the participants were making, but the time flew by and suddenly we were all cleaning up to go.I hope everyone enjoyed their time making these fun mathematical constructions!
Did you make it to the NAEA convention this year?  Did you have a favorite workshop you attended?  If you attended either of my workshops, and you do these projects with your students, I'd love it if you'd send me photos of their work.  And if you finished your own flexagon samples, I'd appreciate it if you'd share those with me too!!


  1. Hi there , I was at your toothpaste batik workshop in New York . It was packed ! I learned a lot and plan to try it in my classroom . I will send you pictures when I do . Thank you .

    1. Great! I love to see what other people do, because we all add our own inspirations and then good ideas are even better! I'm glad you made it into the workshop through the crowds - some of my friends couldn't get in!