Saturday, April 29, 2017

Start your weekend with some charming cartoonsl

The sweet little old couple in the cartoon 'Pickles' are my absolute favorite.  
And maybe, just maybe, they remind me of my husband and me.  
Anyhow, above and below, Pickles cartoons about art.
And a Pickles cartoon about photography.  I think I may have posted some of these cartoons before, but I'm cleaning iPad photo files, since I keep getting messages about not having enough space to to update.  So I thought I'd give them one last view before I delete from my photo stream!

And Pickles cartoons about fabric shopping....  
Again, sounds a lot like me and my hubby.

And  a Frazz cartoon on education...

Back to Pickles, getting philosophical about various aspects of life....  
So many of these cartoons have specific personal meaning to me!

And three non-Pickles cartoons about art
And one last Zits cartoon, just because....

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