Monday, January 8, 2018

Re-committing to making Art

It's pretty easy to get swept up into the day-to-day stuff of life.  I was feeling grumpy last week, for reasons unimportant to share here, but I started cleaning through a box of stuff and found a photo I took and printed FIVE YEARS AGO, intending at that time to paint it.  I was embarrassed that it took me five years to actually act on this, but I was glad I had saved the photo.  So I immediately grabbed an 18"x 24" canvas, primed it with some black gesso.  When the gesso was dry, I used chalk to graph out the photo because I felt that it needed to be pretty accurate due to the abstractness of the image.
I started painting it the next day.
Here it is, a week later, and it is done, and I'm already starting another! 
 This, below, is another photo of mine, also from about 5 years ago, being used for a painting resource.  This is a smaller canvas, I think 15"x 19".  I started it yesterday! 
Meanwhile, it's another week until my DragonWing Arts are back in session, so I'm going to squeeze in as much painting time as possible! They were supposed to start last week, but I was having a medical procedure and needed to reschedule.  Good thing I did, because the weather here has been bitter, and there was a problem with the heat in the building where I have my classroom.  Yikes!   Luckily, it's been fixed, and will be fine for our first class next week. 
Here's my easel in my overcrowded little studio 

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  1. I have never tried black gesso, but love the depth it seems to give your painting. Must try it. Thanks!