Monday, April 2, 2018

Seattle, before and after NAEA 2018

I've been back for a week since my week-long trip to the Seattle area, first visiting my brother for a few days,  then attending the NAEA convention, and then visiting with my college roommate.  While at the convention, along with the usual workshop attendance, vendor exploration, and museum tours, I taught a couple of ticketed workshops, saw old friends and met new ones, explored the beautiful city, and ate lots of great food.  Above, a glasswork pic from the Chihuly Boathouse.
I've had lots of questions about my workshops (pic above is a piece made by a participant in my tooling foil workshop), and I'll talk about these workshops in detail in a separate post in a couple of days, plus I'll also post pics from a tour of the Chihuly Boathouse (his working glass studio), and a visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass in a separate post.  For today, I'll just share an overview of my trip in photos, starting with some birds along the Sammamish River.
 And eagles and turtles at Juanita Bay.
Here's me and my brother at Moss Bay.
One of many flying critters in my brother's home. 
And a touch of spring on the Sammamish River Trail,
 and on the Juanita Bay trail.
Glass work in progress at the Chihuly Boathouse.  They are making a 'Persian', one of the pieces that are usually in his ceiling installations.
And did you know there's a troll under a bridge in Seattle?
I had time for a brief visit to MoPOP (the Museum of Pop Culture).
And of course a couple of visits to Pike's Market - 
After the convention was over, I visited with my college roommate, who lives in the area.  We made a a visit to the Bainbridge Island Art Museum,where I was particularly smitten by the charming and colorful paintings of Anne Schreivogl.  Directly below, that's me with Nancy on the Bainbridge Island Ferry (brrrr it was cold!), Nancy in the museum with a giant fork, and some of those vibrant paintings, and more!
 And a snippet of the ceramic work of George Rodgriguez.
 That's all for today!

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