Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I've been a lazy blogger!

I'm back, after almost 2 months without blogging.  This is the first hiatus of this amount of time, since I began the blog in spring of 2010!  YIKES!!
It's been a busy couple of months.  We took our annual trip to Kennebunkport Maine, and this year we drove from there to Bar Harbor and our first ever visit to Acadia National Park. 

I've been working on healing my shoulder from an injury in early July (that I mentioned in a prior post).  I've had a root canal, and I've taken a hot air balloon flight (my first ever, a gift).

The balloon flight ended in a farmer's overgrown field, where I discovered the most incredible spider webs covered in morning dew.

I've taken lots of walks, I've doodled and painted (I'll show you the artwork in a future post), and I've taken tons of photos, of everything from great blue herons and butterflies to mushrooms and spiders. 

And, in particular, my son married his love just a little more than 2 weeks ago. 
 That's the happy couple, above, and me and my hubby below.
And me and my baby at a dual family dinner the night before the wedding.
It was a great time for my family to get together from different parts of the country.
Below, my brother, astrologer Rick Merlin Levine, his talented daughter Faythe, and me.
 And this - my whole family - two brothers, two nieces, one nephew, and their assorted spouses and children.  The last time we were all together in one place was for my dad's funeral, 20 years ago.  This was much much better!!!

And now, my DragonWing Arts class is back in gear, and I'm trying to catch up on everything I've been putting off for the last two months.  Below, two 'teaser' pics from DragonWing Arts.  I'll be blogging about both of these projects as we make more progress on them!

I apologize for making you wait so long for a blog post from me. I promise that I'm back, and that I will have art lessons and more to share in the months to come.  Stick with me; hopefully it will be worth it!

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