Thursday, April 11, 2019

Warm and cool colors for painted paper!

My DragonWing Arts students have been making painted paper, to use in sunshine collages we will be creating during late April or early May.  Everybody painted 4 sections of an 18x24" sheet of paper, so there will be lots of choices to use for the sun and its rays.
We painted with brushes, scratched lines with the back of the brushes, stamped with foam circle stampers and also with slices of pool noodles cut in half, among other things.
We also painted smaller pieces of paper (12"x18") with cool colors, to use for our skies.  We used the same methods and tools.
 I found a rubbery waffle place-mat at the dollar store, and cut it in pieces.  The kids enjoyed using them for stamping texture onto their papers.  It was especially fun because their hands got so messy in the process.
 Stay tuned; next month I'll post the process of putting together the collages and the final product.  I've got some fun ideas for them - hopefully they'll be great!


  1. I found your blog by accident and wanted to say thank you for such a lovely page that you created! It contains so many unique ideas that I can work on with my students. :) You're awesome! Keep it up!