Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovely Lilacs - Q-tip Paintings by 1st grade

These lovely lilacs are an easy one-day project, and are always a favorite hanging in the hall. I brought in lilacs from my yard as motivation. The art room smells so pretty!
This year, I found some clear contact paper we used to cut out shapes of vases. We traced around them on construction paper, and then colored the water, stems, and leaves with crayons. Then we stuck on the clear contact paper for the look of a glass vase.
Finally, the fun part - we painted with various shades of lilac, violet, and white, using giant Q-tips to dab on our pretty flowers.
I think for some reason the photos do not do the artwork justice - the true colors are so much more luminescent and just didn't photograph well.

Hmm ... For some reason, blogger is NOT letting me find my usual font today. oh well... can't be too gloomy on a Friday!


  1. Beautiful! They are all unique~love that!

  2. Thanks - I have to figure out what's going on with the photos - I tried everything and couldn't get true colors today when I shot these pics.

  3. Love the contact paper! Great lessons here too! Wonderful and helpful blog!!