Thursday, November 18, 2010


That's my son Ben at Sticky Lips, a yummy barbeque restaurant in Rochester, packing up his leftovers to take home. Lucky me, I got to take my boy out for dinner! There was even a gypsy band from Bulgaria playing a few lively songs while we ate - what fun, and it was great visiting with him for a bit.

I'm in Rochester for the NY State Art Teachers Association annual conference, which starts tomorrow morning. I left school at lunchtime today so I could do the 4-1/2 hour drive before dark (a long but lovely drive through places filled with curvy roads, rapids flowing over rocky stream beds, gorgeous lakes, cows, and isolation). I drove through villages and hamlets with names like Pleasant Lake, Oxbow Lake, and Speculator, and also Rome, Russia, Geneva, and Ohio! The second 1/2 of the drive was a more boring highway drive, but it went fast. I arrived in time to have dinner with Ben, who goes to the University of Rochester. Now I should be working on updating my PowerPoint presentation for the workshop I'm teaching Saturday morning, but I thought I'd explore blog-world a little while first while I relax in my hotel room.

My workshop is about altered books, and I'll post a bunch about them soon, but I'll show you a few photos for now:
Those first two pics are folded books, and the ones below are glimpses of "cut, collage, and paint" books.


  1. Wow these look fabulous! Can't wait to hear more about them!

  2. It was a fantastic workshop! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I just got back from NYSATA & LOVED your workshop! I can't wait to re-purpose all those little reader's digests that I have hiding out in the back of my room. They will make great folded book sculptures for my 8th grade!

  4. Wojobeada (interesting name!) and Jenn, thanks so much for the comments! Jenn, watch out for those Reader's Digests. If the bindings are glued and not sewn test one before you give them to the kids to alter to see if they hold up. Were you both at the morning workshop, or were you at the spontaneous re-enactment in the afternoon? If you were in the afternoon bunch, let me know where to email a handout.