Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random assortment - work-in-progress

An all-time favorite annual project: 1st grade abstract cardboard sculpture. Next week we'll paint them! It's the most fool-proof project ever, as long as you have Elmer's Glue-All, popsicle sticks ("glue paintbrushes"), cardboard shipping boxes from your supplies, and the ability to count to 10!

The 6th grade "people in motion" are growing daily, with color, coral reefs, and more... stay tuned.

I try not to put kids' faces on the blog, but how could I resist the boy wearing this wampum belt headband, which seems to have turned him into a super hero?
The chalk is being drawn on wet "bogus" paper by a 2nd grader, as part of a Jim Dine project. You'll see the results (which I think are gorgeous) soon. This process is another easy annual favorite.
And I'll end with this paper bag puppet, made in a Kindergarten art class.


  1. Looks like lots of fun and creativity going on!! Don't you LOVE being an art teacher??

  2. I spent part of today chopping board for a project similar to your 1st grade cardboard sculpture. I use scraps of illustration board and foam core. We won't be starting til March, so I still have some time to collect and cut some more pieces. Thanks for the tip on the glue. I've used Tacky Glue clamped with paper clips and clothespins, but I think I'll try your Glue All this year.

  3. Nice seems I need to get Almere glue all. I usually just put little lots in the sections and the kids fit them together and paint but there are always a few that get rickety! The headband, the shirt, the face it all works... Gotta love boy enthusiasm!

  4. Whoops I mean elmer's ! This new phone has a funny way of " correcting" spelling!

  5. The trick with the Elmer's is to not use too much. So as you can see, we start w/a little quarter-size puddle, and then "paint" the glue on w/a pop stick. We look at the edges of the carboard pieces to find the side that looks like zig-zags inside; that side sticks best. Then they paint the glue on, hold the piece in place, counting to 10 (or higher for tougher pieces). The photos are our 2nd day working on them. First day we build a good base, 2nd day higher and crazier. Third day is paint! One year I used Elmer's School Glue by mistake and they would NOT stay up. Definitely an inferior glue to the Glue-All!

  6. Fine Lines, I don't know whether the illustration board would be as easy to glue this way - the thickness of the corrogated cardboard from shipping cartons really helps. I have an old "workhorse" paper cutter than I use to hack them up.

    And Erica, the boy with the headband is the sweetest, gentlest, teeny little 4th grade boy ever, which is why this pose so cracked me up!