Friday, June 3, 2011

Our very own art show!

Our local public library, in the little village where I teach, has a nice display area where the exhibit is changed monthly. I exhibit my students' work there annually, and the new secondary teacher exhibited her student artwork there this year as well. But this time they asked US, the ART TEACHERS to exhibit our very own artwork!!!! I'm exhibiting 3 acrylic paintings that include collage, several digital photos (some altered and some "straight", and one piece that I've posted about before), and a "beaded wall doodle". That's my work directly above and below this paragraph.

The work below is by the secondary art teacher. They are all oil paintings, and she uses some cold wax for rich texture. Her paintings also include fabric and stitching. There's a series of paintings about the internal body - blood and cells, etc., as well as paintings relating to memory.

Here's what's really amazing. This is her first year in my school, and we had never seen each other's personal artwork when we agreed to exhibit together. So it was totally cool to discover how similar in spirit our works are! We both use lots of color and texture, and include collage in our paintings. Our work really ties together beautifully in our display, and I'm so happy at what a great first year it has been for her. I love having her to work with, me toward the end of my career and her near the beginning of hers!


  1. Really, sometimes I would just love to live in America. This is an exhibit I would visit!


  2. Both are so filled with life and movement! Your flowers look like they are blooming right out of the canvas and her black and purple and brown makes me think of an ungulating ocean floor. . . I can hear the muffled sounds of the ocean just from the tiny picture. I have an overactive imagination I know. . . but they are really fabulous.

  3. Those are wonderful. I just love the colors. Wish I lived in the area, so I could see it in person.