Saturday, June 25, 2011

School's out, and here's a cool video link!

This bug that I photographed last weekend is evidently some type of "parasitic wasp". When googling to find out more info about these insects, I came across one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. Check it out! (By the way this has nothing to do with art or education but will intrigue you if you have any natural curiosity about things that are unfamiliar.) Here's the link:


  1. You're so funny! "cool" is not the word I would use. This bug is going to give me nightmares. That was the grossest thing I've ever seen and I fast forwarded the video. By the way we had a disgusting centipede in my classroom not to long ago and I could be found on top of a chair screaming then chanting "kill it, kill it!" Luckily one of my fearless 4th graders saved us all. The students were a little disturbed that I wanted to kill a bug. . . but really this thing was otherworldly!

  2. OOPS I just deleted a whole comment and it won't come back. :( Let's try again...

    Anyhow - Erica - sorry to gross you out, but it's worth it for you to TRY to watch it again in with the narration that explains what you are seeing.

    I'm not grossed out by bugs, just regularly bitten by them. However, I am TOTALLY freaked out by rodents. Hate them! I had an incident a few years ago - a friend and I had spent a day at the Clark Art Institute and were driving home through the Berkshires, when a tiny mouse ran across my feet. EEK! My ultra-cool friend grabbed it with a paper towel and tossed it in a field. Not 5 minutes later, another mouse - this time running across MY SHOULDERS!!!!! HELP HELP HELP!! So I got in the back seat, and sure enough, another mouse! It was the most terrifying drive of my life.

    But even crazier - our high school art teacher just told me a story about a birthday party she went to in 5th grade, with a pinata. When the pinata broke open, out came spaghetti, green jello, and WHITE MICE! I can't imagine anything worse. So give the video another try!

  3. My comment got deleted too when my phone died yesterday! So anyways. . . I could never watch arachnaphobia the commercials scared me and when I told Nick about the crazy bug and he of course wanted to see the video. I wouldn't tell him where to find it but he figured it (history I guess) out and grossed me out with it (brings back memories of living with all brothers!) The pinata story is CRAZY> >> Poor mice too being stuck in a pinata with jello and spaghetti!