Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lovin' my summer bugs

Dragonflies and damselflies everywhere! I adore them - they don't bite, they just flit around looking pretty and dragon-like, and sometimes stopping fleetingly to get a frustrated photographer (me) rushing for the camera. They are very tough to photo since they don't stay put. And then blogger goes and rotates some of them sideways... Anyhow, since I can't have a real live dragon, a dragonfly is a reasonable 2nd best. (The damselfly is kind of like a dragonfly but the wings go back instead of out to the sides.) You've really got to click on these photos and enlarge them to see amazing details!

I also am in awe of the amazingly gorgeous leafy sea dragon, though I've only seen them in photos and it's not likely I'll ever see one for real. So the abundant dragonflies flitting about by the lake will satisfy me. Here's a sea dragon:

And here's a bug on a water lily:

And a creepy (but cute) spider!

Oops, not a bug (below), just my silly cat. Does she think she's hiding? Yes, that is a rope you can see in the photo. She's not tangled. She is basically a house cat but goes outside merrily with a harness and rope tied to the porch. "Dope on a rope"!


  1. Love your new dots Phyl!
    Next time you're in CA, visit the Ca. Academy of Science Museum in San Francisco....they have green leafy sea horses! I can watch those guys for hours:) http://www.calacademy.org/

  2. Been away for a week and a half and look at how much has changed! Love your new font! Can't wait to get to a real computer and catch up on all your new posts. Happy kayaking:)

  3. Hi Phyl, nice photos. I noticed your sea dragon and thought you had been to the sea dragon tank at the Boston Aquarium. I got some amazing photos of the GIANT octopus when I was there. It decided to come out of it's home and spread out on the glass just as I happened by. Competely amazing.
    Hope you're enjoying your summer:)