Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway is back!

I was REALLY annoyed at the end of Runway's last season, because I thought they picked the wrong winner, and when I posted my feelings here there were numerous responses that all agreed.

But it's a new season, and I was looking forward to finally seeing tonight's show. Happily, I wasn't disappointed. I really liked some of the designers, and I must say, I actually agreed with the judges about the worst designs (which were REALLY bad), and I loved the challenge winner's design, as well as some of the others.

If you didn't watch the show, the challenge was fun. The designers were woken up at 5am and taken for their first challenge in their night-clothes with a sheet from their beds. They had to use what they had slept in, along with the sheet, to create their runway fashion. They could use dye, and various trims, buttons, etc, and some of the designs were really interesting.

I guess this means I'm staying home on Thursday nights from now on! Are you a Project Runway fan?


  1. J'adore Project Runway!! I have been waiting for the season premiere for what seems like forever. It was a great first challenge and I agreed with the judges every step of the way. (I also agree with you about last season's poor choice-left me wondering if the judges had been kidnapped by aliens or something).

  2. Hi Phyl! I am on vacation this week at "the Jersey Shore", so it will be waiting on my DVR for me! Like you I was very disappointed with last seasons results (I may have even vowed to never watch again). But like many thinks time heals -- so I will give it a go when I get home! Your blogs LOOKS great!
    ~ Susan

  3. Yo! Mondo was ROBBED last season! I only got to see the part last night where they were working on their outfits and then the judging. It was so refreshing to see a guy in my age bracket win. Yea! I really did love that white dress with the black and white accents tho.....

  4. Oh I was spitting mad last year...yet here we all are watching it again! They were smart to make us wait a bit longer than usual so we could get over our anger and get to the "When will it be back on!!" phase. I tried to watch Project Runway Australia last month but it just wasn't the same.

  5. I just love Project Runway! I even borrowed a phrase from Tim once and told my student, “Make it work,” when the student was working on an art project challenge. I am so glad it’s back on. My Thursday will be spent watching this show. I love the challenges and how the designers need to create something out of strange things.

    -Mrs. Berry

  6. That's an awesome challenge! This is going to be a good season.

  7. Yay! I'm excited and loved the first episode. I laughed out loud when one designer asked if she could wear a bra and Tim said "come as you are!" She, just like me, has a large chest and I can't imagine trotting down nyc with my "ladies" roaming "the yard."

    I'm rooting for the older contestant who won this week. I truly appreciate his story and he has a really original outlook. I also love the designer who sewed the silk pants who claims to have just learned how to sew.

    I'm excited to see how everyone develops. I really love it when the other designers talk about each other with excitement, as if they too, are eager to see what develops. I think that is something as an artistic community -where competition is so high- forget to do!

  8. I have not seen the show but am wondering. Does any one do a project runway challenge with kids? A friend of mine does it with her middle schoolers and it's always a huge hit. They put on a fashion show at the end of the project. I think they use a T shirt and alter it into all kinds of garments.

  9. Pat, I was a big Mondo fan too!
    And Amy, my favorites this season so far are the same two that you picked.
    Barb, what a fun idea! But I don't think too many of my students watch the show. A lot of them don't even have cable tv!
    And Berryart - I'm always saying "make it work" to kids (though they probably don't know where the phrase comes from, since, as I said above, it's unlikely they watch the show).

  10. I love Project Runway!!! I have watched every season and I'm a huge Tim Gunn fan! The winning design was great and I'm also glad they didn't get rid of Josh C. His clothing looked really interesting in the casting show so I'm glad he was able to stick around. Same with the gal with the pink pajama pants!