Friday, August 5, 2011

Another marsh, another dragonfly

Actually, these flowers weren't in the marsh, but by our lakeside cottage. That's a gloriosa daisy. I think it deserves the name!

Cool dragonfly, isn't it? And look at that marsh! There's so many waterlilies it looks like a field of snowballs. This marsh was so choked with late summer growth, and I have such a passion for following little channels between weeds and islands, that I got STUCK in my kayak. Panic!!! Hubby was in his canoe, but had taken a safer route and was on the other side of a "peninisula" in the marsh and didn't see or hear me freaking out, as I was surrounded by brush and tall weeds, having cut through somewhere that I shouldn't have. I always assume my kayak can go anywhere no matter how shallow; today proved me wrong. So much of the marsh was impassable with muck and growth.

Obviously I got myself out alive, but after a strenuous paddle back to the dock I spent the rest of the day on a lawn chair reading a book (Dear Theo - VanGogh's letters to his brother - so this is actually an art teacher post!) and eating watermelon chunks and tortilla chips with homemade (and homegrown) cucumber/cream cheese dip.


  1. Glad you made it back! Your lawn chair and book sound more my speed! :)

  2. Love the ending to your strenuous day.

  3. Nice pics! What type of a lens? Are you bringing an expensive camera in the kayak? They look great!

    Boy that pond has a lot of waterlilies!