Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My family of sculptors, a vacation story

Let me explain the post title and the 2 sculptures above, starting with the one on the left...

You've read about my grandfather Harry Levine in prior posts here and here and here. Well, for the first time in my lifetime, there's a mini-exhibition offering a sampling of his artwork, at the public library in Wilton, New Hampshire. The bust on display, by Grandpa (pictured above and below) is of my dad, as a young man. It normally resides in the home of my my nephew.

Also above is a little sampling of grandpa's artwork on display, including photos of a violin (or fiddle) he carved, which resides with my other big brother, the most musical of we three siblings.

The display was organized and set up by my big brother Hal, who and most of the work on display came from his home. That's Hal by the library with my son Ben. Thanks, Hal, for setting up the show and also for showing us around your lovely library.

The display was the 2nd link in an artsy few days, the first being the Chihuly exhibit in Boston, and the 3rd being today's beach activity that created the other sculpture pictured at the top of the post and below.

And that's Ben - again - today on Goose Rocks Beach, in Cape Porpoise, near Kennebunkport, Maine. What does a family that consists of an art teacher, an architect, and a slightly offbeat and creative recent college graduate do when on vacation at the ocean? Why, we play in the sand, of course!!

The big debate was what to build. In the past we've done a huge Buddha-like cat, an alligator, a lizard, a dragon, a frog, and a mermaid, so those ideas were out. How about perhaps a unicorn, or giant spider? Not too practical with sand. A turtle? Nah. A castle? Nope. We considered a hippo. But it's already a big animal. How about a giant hamburger? Boring. So an evil demented octopus was the compromise. Two little kids came along and named him "Crazy Hary the Octopus" and wrote his name for us around his moat, in the sand. We added a few silly props found on the beach, took a swim in the chilly but refreshing Atlantic, read a few pages, and had a lovely day.


  1. Hi Phyl,

    I really enjoyed reading about your awesome beach vacation-jealous!I'm here in landlocked Nebraska! Just thought I'd tell you I think the bust of your dad looks like the actor, Emilio Estevez! Cool!

  2. This is the 3rd time I've tried to comment. . .
    the short version!
    You guys are so cute! Beautiful family:)

  3. Emilio Estevez? Ha ha! If my sweet dad was alive I'm sure he'd get a kick out of your comment.

    Erioa - Hmm wonder what the problem is... Anyhow, thanks - we were very lucky to have our "baby" vacationing with us for 4-1/2 days before he had to return to Boston.