Monday, September 12, 2011

"I'm So Tired"

This song pretty much says the way I feel tonight.

My school year has just started, but I already recognize that my schedule is poorly planned. There are days that seem smooth and easy, and days that are a wild roller coaster, such as today, when I taught 2nd grade (2 classes), 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade (2 classes), all doing different things. By the time I got to the staff room to grab some lunch, nobody was left in there at all. Tomorrow's schedule includes 2 classes of 3rd grade, a different 4th grade class, and more 5th grade classes, so I tried to prep the paint and paper etc before I left today, but I was just so tired my legs just didn't want to be standing any more.

Of course, I had a busy weekend, with my son home for a visit before moving into a new apartment in Boston. We went to the lake, ate good food, cooked s'mores, played Bananagrams (he beat me), went kayaking, and even took a couple of nice brisk swims (though initially unintentional) in the chilly lake. So maybe I was overtired to start with.

On the flip side, my 6th graders are off to an awesome start on their passports, which I will show you and explain in a post when they are done. My classes have all been on best behavior, very enthusiastic about everything in the art room, and are excited about what we are doing and what I have planned for them. It's going to be a great year.

So hopefully with a good night of sleep I'll be singing a different song tomorrow.


  1. Phyl,

    Things always look better after a good night's sleep! I didn't leave school until 7:00 tonight because my principal is still hassling me about "divesting myself" of what I consider to be perfectly good stuff! I will be in bed by 10:00 and asleep by 10:05!

  2. Awww Phyl! I hope things look brighter tomorrow. This our 4th (or is it 5th) week back and it is just today "feeling right" to me. I really didn't my schedule at first. . .And, it is still a toughie, but so much better. I think I just found my rhythm or something you. I hope it all works out that way for you.

    And P.S. Oh, I SOOO get eating alone bc you have so little time! I was gulping down noodles as my kids walked in the door today!

  3. Thanks, Amy! I'm still tired (why don't I go to bed early? Nah... Night-owl here). But the kids are off to a GREAT start and half my tiredness is my own fault - today we painted 18x24" painted paper -wonderful mess with great results, and glued giant masks, and more. I'm kind of over the top this year and need to dial it back a little if I'm going to survive.

  4. I am so tired with you! I was too tired to even write a word on my post tonight! One word Kindergarten (one word that's absent is PARAS. Too many obviously special ed and just me.) TIRED. Good night dear friend. Nick read Stella Luna to Stella and she has been tucked in for a few hours now. I should take a cue from her.

  5. I feel your tiredness Phyl. I have only had time to post once this school year and we are 5 weeks in! My schedule is 2 fifth grade, 2 third, a forth, lunch, another third, a first, and two seconds - and I do this 3 days a week...then I teach the entire school music (12 classes) on the other two days of the week.!

  6. Hi Phyl,
    My schedule is also poorly planned! And it seems the best I can do is do my best because it is not going to change. I agree a good nights rest and things will look better. Off read my book "The Help" and forget about school for a few hours. Have a great year.