Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Student Art Show 2013

I spent the day subbing for my replacement yesterday, while she set up for today's annual student art show.  She and the high school art teacher said it was OK if I snapped a few pictures of their students' work to share with you.

On the left and below are a couple of papier-mache monsters, made by 5th graders.  My replacement had no previous experience with papier-mache, so at her request I came in one day and helped her get started.  But this was the first time I saw the completed work.  

 I believe the coil pots above were made by 4th graders.  The ceramic pieces below were made by some high school students, and the pencil drawing below the ceramics is also the work of a high school piece.  My photo isn't great, but I think the drawing is!
 Grrr.  Sideways photos - all three of the next photos - for my favorite part of the exhibit: 3rd grade papier-mache angry birds!  I'm proud to say that the idea of displaying some of the birds in the large potted tree was mine!  You may remember that last year's art show had a large Chihuly tower in the center of the show, and the year before, my large dragon Lucy sat on a table in the center.  So it seemed that 'something' was needed to anchor the center of the room, and I remembered the tree in a friend's classroom and thought she'd be willing to loan it. 
 And some hydrangea paintings (I think they are made from bubble prints) by, I think, 2nd grade:
 And a couple of cute sunflower paintings:
 And some Klimt trees, I think maybe grade 5:
 And some snakes, made by printing bubble wrap,by grade 1:
 And a glimpse of a part of the room (1/2 the 'big' gym):
 When I finally left school after subbing and checking out the art show, I noted as always how beautiful the school grounds are, and I stopped to take a couple of photos.  Isn't it lovely?


  1. Yes, it is lovely. What a great place for kids to find subject to sketch!! I LOVE the birds in the tree -- such a clever display. I also really like the hydrangea. Somewhere I pinned that idea of using bubble prints to make those, but haven't tried it yet.

    1. Thanks, Christie. And that's just the FRONT of the school. There's a lovely school garden out back, but I didn't have the time to trek out there to take photos, as I had already stayed well after my subbing hours were done and I figured maybe I ought to go home and make dinner.