Monday, May 6, 2013

The polarizing filter, water, reflections, and a strange camera problem: Solved!!

Here's a few more pairs of polarizer photo pairs. Look in particular at the surface of the water. Big difference; it all depends on what you are trying to do!

Speaking of polarized lenses, yesterday I had a revelation that hopefully has solved a problem I've been having with my DSLR. I was sitting on a dock in the sunshine, reading and re-reading my instruction manual, and getting more and more frustrated with my inability to see the camera settings through the viewfinder, so I kept looking at the view screen instead, but it doesn't stay lit for long, and besides, how do you look at that while you are looking through the viewfinder?

And then, like a ton of bricks, the answer hit me. I wear polarized prescription sunglasses, pretty much always when I'm outside. I love them. BUT - here it is: You cannot see LED's with polarized lenses! All the information has been there in the viewfinder all along, but it has been invisible to me. I should have realized sooner. I'd already discovered the conflict with polarized lenses and LED's at the gas pump,when I couldn't read the payment information on the credit card reader. So today, I splurged, and ordered a new pair of sunglasses (not cheap, as they are progressive bifocals) without polarized lenses. When I get them, I'll keep them in my camera case. And I think my camera and I will get along a LOT better when I'm manually setting the aperture and shutter speed for creative control and can actually see my settings!

Has anyone else ever encountered such a goofy problem?

By the way, these photos were taken while kayaking in my remnants of a marsh. The lake level has been lowered due to milfoil treatment, and my marsh is so shallow it is dry in some places. It looks like a war zone! And it prevented me from getting close enough to photograph the turtles I saw, and caused me to get stuck several times trying. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the level will be close to back to normal.


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    1. Mr. E, why do you ask? Do you need a sub haha?! What is the daily sub pay in your area? ((Just curious)

      Actually, I've only subbed a few times. I'm listed on a regional sub registry, but I can block out days I have other plans, which I actually do quite frequently. I will be subbing for my replacement in a couple of weeks on the day she sets up her big art show. I think I'll probably sub more next year. De to some glitches, I didn't actually get on the registry until late November, and now that the weather is nice, I'm more interested in being outdoors than in subbing.