Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cartoons and clippings

pulled from a Reader's Digest magazine, years ago
  I was cleaning out an old box of 'stuff' today and found these items.  I thought I'd share them with you.

The two quotes above both remind me of very specific things.  The first, reminds me of the time, after carefully telling a 2nd class who had drawn cats in preparation for painting, that we were going to begin our paintings by painting the background.  In our next class we would paint the cats.  I circulated the room and found one student, on the autism spectrum, who had painted a whole side of his paper brown.  I asked where the cat was and he flipped his paper over and there it was!  I had told him to paint the background, and he took that literally and without knowing why, he painted the BACK of his paper.  It was a good lesson for me, reminding how I had to choose my words, demonstrate, and make sure my instructions were clear even to the most literal of my students. 

one of the cats from this project
The second quote above reminds me of the wonderful 'fauve fauves' that my 3rd graders painted when we were learning about Matisse.  They had learned that the word 'fauve' means wild beast. 

And now for a couple of cartoons....
Keep in mind that the two pieces below are just old cartoons and not meant to represent any particular point of view.  I'm sharing them with you just for fun!


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  1. I love those quotes. I had a wee boy years ago who was painting a portrait. It was looking good. Next time I looked it was black. I asked him where his portrait was. He said, "It's under there". Silly me.