Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renovation Playlist - a happy soundtrack

What do you listen to while you're working on projects at home? This past week I've been doing a lot of painting, on the walls of my future studio space.  When my husband works on it (painting the ceiling, for example) he works in quiet.  But I like some audio company, and I used my iPad to provide that.

On the days it was rainy or gloomy out, I spent hours painting walls and trim while listening to podcasts of Radiolab via my public radio station.  If you've never listened to Radiolab, you should definitely check it out.  Each show is an hour of really unique programming with stories, science, sound, and information, and you will learn something new each time and the hour will be over before you know it.

The next couple of days I listened to an eclectic mix of music albums on th iPad:
Van Morrison (Moondance) - I have listened to this album thousands of times over the decades, and I never tire of it.
  • The Lumineers - just makes me happy, ya know?
  • Dear Creek (Puritans and Pioneers) - this folksy east coast band are friends of my son!
  • The Gaslight Anthem (the '59 Sound) - more great music introduced to me by my son!
  • Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend) - happy music!  I feel like I should be on a tropical beach,cocktail in hand! 
  • The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Here Comes the Sun! Music to sing along with!
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers (The Inevitable) - again, thanks to my son for giving me this music; how to describe it... jazzy, swingy, fun, and funky.  Dance while you paint!
  • A Walk on the Moon (movie soundtrack) - the story of this movie is around the time of the Woodstock Festival in 1069, and the sound track includes wonders like Janis Joplin singing Summertime, Joni Mitchell's Cactus Tree, Grateful Dead's Ripple, and  also the Jefferson Airplane, Judy Collins, Richie Havens and so much more.  Every song is a gem.

Throw in a little Avett Brothers, some Mumford & Sons, and the Searching for Sugarman soundtrack (Sixto Rodriguez), and the time just flies!  

As I was painting and listening, I couldn't help but think that the music I had selected was often music that would play well in the classroom, with a little pre-editing for the occasional inappropriate lyric.  A classroom of kids listening to Vampire Weekend or Squirrel Nut Zippers, or the Beatles 'Here Comes the Sun' couldn't help but be happy!

By the way, the wall painting is done, and the floor replacement is next, but we will be in Maine for a few days so be patient - eventually you will see the entire room transformation from a teenage boy room into an airy and colorful art studio!  (I hope!)


  1. Cute bracelet, too! Hope you are enjoying Maine.

    1. Thanks! We leave for Maine in the morning, praying for the weather reports to improve so we can have a little beach time.

  2. You should check out the Alabama Shakes. My husband introduced me to their music. Love your playlist.

    1. Ah, I've heard them, and you are right - they fit right in with my musical sensibilities! Gotta put them on my iPad!