Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Annual Goose Rocks Beach Sculpture

We just returned from our annual excursion to beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine.  We are lucky that our son was able to join us, taking the train from Boston to spend the weekend with us, going to the beach and eating fresh seafood, among other activities.  I'll share other photos of our time in Maine in a separate post.
This year, we couldn't agree about what to build on the beach, and ended up, at the 11th hour, making this rather lumpy dragon, named Puff by the kids on the beach, particularly 3rd grader Sadie who was a substantial helper.  I guess it helps when we can all agree on what to build.  Maybe I'd better start thinking for next year right now!!  I think this is probably our worst beach sculpture, but it was a lot of fun having a kid on the beach join in to help.  Sadie made the paws and claws, in particular, and made some adaptations to the face I had built.  Noting the giant moat around the sculpture, she and her friends referred to it as Dragon Island. They were very proud of their participation in the project.
Of course, it all starts with a pile of dirt, and my son and husband did all the digging with this little shovel.  We had forgotten the big one!  Oh well... thanks, boys!  

By the way, this year's photos are not so great, because the extremely bright sunshine formeded harsh shadows.
In August 2012, we built sculptures two days in a row, beginning with this Dragonfly.
We had the best time ever building this massive 'Buddha-Cat' and mouse.  
(The mouse was a last-minute addition made exclusively by my son.)
 In August 2011 we created this adorable Angry Octopus!  (named Hary by kids on the beach)
This  poor critter was trapped under an octopus tentacle.
Hubs with the octopus

 Our creation in August 2010 was this crocodile (or alligator?) chasing a dragonfly.
Wish I could find photos from years prior to 2010.  We actually once made a HUGE seated cat (again like a giant Buddha, but sitting up), and some other smaller creations.

Got any good ideas for us for next summer?  My son nixed the following ideas this year: a mermaid, a lobster or a crab (too corny), and a teddy bear.  He really wanted to make a castle and I didn't.  I want personality!  But since he does most of the digging, and helps a lot with the building, I cannot make something he says NO to, but since I am chief sculptor, the final decision is mine.  We nixed ideas like hippos, rhinos and elephants (they would have to be HUGE).  We thought about a turtle, but it seemed too simple, and a walrus, but the tusks are important and would be problematic with our rudimentary sand building skills. 

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