Friday, March 21, 2014

On shaving cream, coffee filters, color, and imagination!

"Mrs. Brown, WHY are you taking our pictures while we have such a mess going on?"

 Yesterday, two of my DragonWing Arts students finished up a passel of projects, including one using  marbled papers, and another using marker-dyed coffee filters. And of course our flying pigs...

 First, the marbling results:
 I recently shared the process I used for marbling with shaving cream, HERE.  

My students used photos that I had taken of them and printed for them, and added shapes they cut out of some scraps of previously painted paper, and also used a little Sharpie marker to enhance.  We didn't have a lot of time left in our class to work on these, but they were enthusiastic about just diving in!  The girl on her left was not wearing her glasses when I took the picture (they were broken) and I love that she added them in (along with a bracelet and earrings) with a Sharpie.

 And look at those flowers they are holding in their hands along with showing off their marbled collages!  Let me tell you about them, as well.
 In a previous class, we colored large coffee filters with Crayola markers (NOT the washable ones; I like the regular ones way better).  Another filter was placed underneath the colored filter, and the whole thing was sprayed with water.  The water blended the colors together, which soaked through the filter and colored the one underneath as well!  So each girl colored two filters, but ended up with four to use. Here's a sampling of what some of the filters looked like when drying.
 Two of the filters (and a little colored tissue paper, and some pipe cleaners) were used to put together the flowers that you saw in the girls' hands above, and here close-up in my hand.

 The other two coffee filters were used to make dragonflies or butterflies (you decide; I'm not sure which they are!)  The filters were each scrunched in the middle and wrapped with a pipe cleaner, and then wrapped together.  The girls cut out a body of 2 pieces of colored foam, cut pipe cleaner legs and antennas, and hot-glued them to the backside of the front of the body.  Then, the whole thing was hot glued together, and was embellished as desired, with eyeballs, beads on the antennas, Sharpie and/or glitter glue on the body, and a ribbon or yarn to hang it if desired. How stinkin' cute are these?
The proud artists!
 I'll share the flying pig results another day, along with the results of these projects with my third student, who unfortunately was sick yesterday.

By the way, this was there last art class of the winter session, and one more project (using more photos I took of them) was sent home with the kids to finish in their leisure, since we simply ran out of time.  I'll be curious to see what they do.  Here's what I gave them:
Wonder what they are dreaming about, or imagining?  So do I!


  1. Phyl -- I LOVE the Kandinsky quality of the marbled paper. Had you talked about him or was this just coincidental???

    1. Christie - I'm a big Kandinsky fan, and can't believe I missed seeing the connection here! Thank you! Gives me good ideas for next time...