Saturday, March 29, 2014

San Diego day 1

Nik de Saint Phalle sculpture at the Mingei museum in Balboa Park
The conference doesn't officially start till tomorrow, but nevertheless it was a busy day, with breakfast with my son and girlfriend, a visit to beautiful Balboa Park, Coronado Beach and the grand Coronado Hotel, and a meet and greet co-sponsored by the Art of Ed and Artsonia. And now, I should be sleeping... But I'll leave you with a tiny sampling of today's photos before I close my eyes. 
My wonderful hostess, having an Audrey Hepburn moment on Coronado Beach
The Coronado Hotel
One of many flower photos from Balboa Park
Look!  It's Mr. E!  It's Jessica Balsey!  at the Art of Ed / Pinterest meet & greet
another Niki De Saint Phalle at the Mingei
 Stay tuned - lots more convention and San Diego photos to come!!!


  1. That's a beautiful area and hotel. We had a pretty strong earthquake here in Orange County last night . Fortunately, I think it was centered too far north for you to feel it. Enjoy your stay and the conference!

    1. Mary, my son was in Santa Monica last night,band he said he never felt a thing - was too busy with his girlfriend eating fish tacos and drinking beer.

  2. Phyl - Looks like you are ready to have some fun!!

    Mary - I was watching the Dodger game when the earthquake gently rolled through our area. Always a bit unsettling:))

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Just spent 1/2 the day with Cassie Stevens and had dinner with a a group including Patty Palmer of DeepSpace Sparkle! A real art ed rock star sort of day!

  4. So regretting I didn't attend this year! Have fun for me, Phyl!!

  5. Phyl, Learn a lot to share with all of us back in NE in the cold and rain, and maybe ice by morning........