Monday, April 7, 2014

A little blog update - now you can search!!

Just wanted to let you know, as of a few days ago, there's a new search bar on the right side of my blog.  It became a necessity when I was looking for an old post on my very own blog, and couldn't find it!  How embarrassing!!  I searched the label cloud at the bottom, and what I wanted wasn't there.  I scrolled through 4 years of month after month of archives, and it wasn't there.  I scrolled through my list of 609 posts on my dashboard, but the titles of the posts didn't jive with what I was looking for. 

So finally I did what I should have done ages ago.  I searched for new gadgets available for the blog, and discovered there was a search bar gadget that I could add, that I hadn't known was available. And I promptly added it to my blog layout. 

So now, if you want to find a lesson on surrealism, or collage, or weaving, or learn about the Chihuly tower we made a couple of years ago, or find out about my approach to still life and Matisse, or see pictures of our papier-mache garden gnomes, or see my very first blog post (which was about papier-mache fish) almost 4 years ago, or my opinions on just about anything, or find photos of my silly car, or learn about our hunt for my grandfather's totem pole, or see pictures of snakes and turtles from the vantage point of my kayak, or basically anything that I might have written about in 609 posts over 4 years, use the search bar!  Yippee!!  By the way, the links I've included in this paragraph are just a sampling.  If you search, for example, for surrealism, or collage, or Matisse, you will find way more posts than just the one I linked here today.  But feel free to visit these links anyhow!

Happy Searching!  Let me know if there's something you are unable to find!


  1. I just recently did the same thing - I guess that gadget is fairly new? Much needed!

  2. I LOVE my search gadget, too. I don't know whether anyone else uses it, but I use it all the time to find posts quickly!!

    1. Isn't it funny how much we need to search on our own blogs?!?

  3. Cool gadget! i just put it on my blog! Thanks! I am always looking for an old post and can't find it either! Now i can just search my own blog! :)

  4. Hurray!!!! Now I can find your favorite posts easily :)