Monday, April 7, 2014

Shalom mural part 2

 I first told you about our Temple Religious School mural project in a post a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday, after their model Passover Seder, the kids completed painting on the mural.  Here, above and below, is how it looks right now. 
 First, all empty spaces were filled in with color.  Then, with smaller brushes, the kids went to town! I particularly love some of the happy faces that appeared.
 And lots of fun polka dots and lines!
 The kids are proud, the adults are thrilled, and I am happy.  There's a few things left to be done.  I have a bit of pre-mixed warm colors left, so I thought I'd make a simple frame around it with just brush-thickness strokes of the warm colors.  And I'm strongly considering using black paint to do a small left side and bottom shadow on all the letters to make them pop.  What do you think?  And finally, in the row of blocks below the bottom, or on the side, I want to get all the kids (I think there's about 16 of them) to sign their names, I think in colored Sharpies.  And I'll date it as well.  But if you have any suggestions or advice on how to complete and label it appropriately, please speak up.

By the way, the dove (below) was painted by me and I'm a little disturbed at what a mess he is anatomically, but since nobody else seems to mind, he'll stay as is.  But I still need to put an olive branch in his mouth.  And maybe those raindrops (also my doing) should be eradicated?  Your thoughts?
Anyhow, it's been an absolute delight working with these fun kids, bursting with ideas and personality, and so happy to be painting.  I'm sure we'll do more art projects together in the future!


  1. I like the idea of black around the letters AND I like the dove a lot. It has a bit of a "Chagall feel" about it!! Your kiddos should be very proud:))