Friday, August 1, 2014

Grrrr. Going Nowhere.

I don't like the Blogger app; I've said it before.  Rarely use it.  It reduces photo quality (which is obvious to me looking at the photo above that I took a couple of days ago).  

But tonight, while sitting on the couch watching Project Runway and in between turns on Words With Friends on my iPad, I wrote a whole long blog post about books.  I planned to add the photos tomorrow.  And then I inadvertently closed the app.  Three hours of writing/editing and it's all gone.  I'm a wee bit annoyed....
Photo taken in front of the adorable Santa Fe airport


  1. Love the photo of the bikes. Where was it taken? Is there a story about them??

    1. Christie, the bikes have fascinated me for years. They are on the fence of he visitor information center by the tiny little ski hill / ball park down the road from the school where I taught. It's called 'Dynamite Hill' and all of my former students spend a lot of time there, whether playing Little League games or learning to ski and snowboard, or attending the Pug Parade, etc.

      When the bikes first showed up they were unpainted, then a year or two later the colors arrived. I asked local people many times if they knew the reason for the bikes, but nobody could tell me. Passing that way a few days ago, I had about 10 minutes to spare and shot approximately a million photos. There's a sign there that says 'We Promote Bicycling' and the bikes are all old junkers. So I guess it's just someone's cute attention-getting idea, and it definitely works. There's way more than just the few in the photo. They take them down in the winter, which is too bad because I think they'd be great to photograph in the snow. And in the winter, I probably wouldn't discover my clothes and arms and camera covered with tiny little bugs that squish to a lovely red color when I get back in the car! (Luckily, they did not bite.)

      Hopefully I'll share more photos of them soon.

    2. ugh. that stinks! i've never used the mobile app (you kinda scared me away at naea;)
      Looking forward to seeing more pics!

    3. Love the bike photos, too. Thanks for sharing it.

    4. More bike photos to come, in my next post!!!