Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo randomness from the past week or so

Sometimes, you know, I just like to share some photos.  I'm not a pro photographer, but I shoot a ridiculous amount of pics and hopefully you'll like a few of them now and then.  Above, one shot of many that I took of a little fuzzy friend on the wildflowers in our camp backyard. 
 Kayaking recently, I came across this view of a pipe that goes under a road and comes out into a marsh on the other side.  I know, it is kind of an odd picture.  So I hung out in my kayak and took a bunch more shots. 
 and closer still....
and some more kayaking photos (hope I'm not too boring...)
 My favorite marsh
There's an old beaver dam in the marsh.  Never seen a beaver though (that might be a good thing).
 And one more from the marsh...
Now, back to those crazy primary-painted bicycles
 And this crazy one below is the result of a camera oopsie that I really think is fun.  I turned the wrong dial while I was prone on the ground taking this pic, and inadvertently set it on a 'creative' setting which reminds me of a solarization, for those of you with a darkroom background. 
 And finally, I was lucky enough to have a rare visit at our camp from my childhood bestie.  We've known each other all our lives, but since she lives in Europe, I rarely see her.  Our shared memories are priceless. 
 For the sake of comparison, this is us a 'few' years ago.  That's me on the right.
 In the next photo, I'm on the left, my only pregnancy photo, almost 26 years ago!
and us, again, now.
 We had to include the men!
Thanks for visiting me and my photos!  I'll be back in a few days...

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