Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Published by Pacon!

Were you at the recent NAEA convention in New Orleans?  While visiting the vendor area, did you pick up the sample lesson plan in the Pacon booth?  It looked like this:
 Did you flip it over and look on the back?
 Look in the yellow rectangle!  See what it says?  This lesson was designed by ME!

This is the first time I've been published like this for distribution, so I think it's pretty cool.  This is a weaving process I've done many times with my students, and blogged about here.  I also wrote about it on the blog when I was developing this and some other lessons for Pacon.  You can see my samples of this lesson, and the other lessons, in the post you will find here
 They pretty much presented it as I wrote it, including the display idea above.  My kindergarten students did a paper cutting lesson with flying carpets, and we called it 'kitties on carpets'.  They kids created kitties that were cut and glued on their 'rugs', which were displayed on a blue sky with puffy clouds.  You can see the kitties on carpets here.

Here's a couple of closeups of the samples that Pacon made for their booth, which are shown on the printed lesson, following my step-by-step instructions.
By the way, Pacon was again soliciting bloggers to write lessons for their website, as they did last year.  (That's how I happened to write this and two other lessons.)  They provided me with the black paper that they wanted to showcase.  I don't know what material they are promoting this year, but it is definitely worthwhile to work with them!  Thanks, Pacon, for publishing me!!  I think I may just volunteer again!

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