Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kindergarten Kitties on Flying Carpets!

It all started when my kindergartners were making paper bag puppets. They were having a hard time cutting and I realized they needed practice. I thought of this post by Art Project Girl.

I prepared some papers with zigzag and wavy lines, and the kids cut them in 2 colors and glued them on a piece of 9x12" construction paper. We decided they looked like magic carpets so we cut fringe on the ends.

But what should ride on the flying carpets? Somehow we decided on cats!

There's still a few to be completed, so when they are done I can move a few clouds around on the bulletin board to make room for them. Aren't they cute?


  1. Gotta work on those important scissor skills!!! Thanks, I may try this with my PreKinder students...

  2. I remember when Erica posted about cutting skills. I love the way your kids extended the practice into the magic carpets. Great idea -- and so simple to do!! (Easy for me to say since I'm not a kindergartener struggling with cutting!!)