Friday, February 3, 2012

Concluding the Gesso Saga

Finally!! The Rheotech Gesso arrived today and is creamy textured, bright white, and has good coverage - just what I wanted. I'm totally sold on the product. Yippee!

But - just to end the saga properly, after 2 deliveries of solid rubberized Liquitex Gesso and one shipment containing the wrong material completely, they finally figured it out and sent me the Rheotech. But I had to laugh. When I opened the carton, it was a good thing the gesso containers had been sealed in a zip-enclosure plastic bag, because one of the containers did not have its cover on straight and it was leaking, as you can see in the photo. Luckily the stuff inside was OK to use, because I don't dare call School Specialty AGAIN!!!!


  1. Yikes, that must have really tried you patience!

  2. I had that happen with my Liquitex Gesso too.. it was totally rubberized solid! I was so ticked! I called and they replaced it for me! What a pain! I'd prefer Golden but it's so expensive! Glad to hear you got is straightened out!