Saturday, February 18, 2012


Upside down trees at Mass MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) - wish I had a photo of them in bloom!

This post has nothing to do with upside down trees or a yellow moose on top of a building, but it is about an unexpected nice thing that happened as a result of a blog post. Read on...

After my whole gesso woes 'saga' (which got more comments than practically anything else I've ever posted; go figure), I had moved on. Over and done. I received the Rheotech gesso I ordered in the end and it works just fine. My 5th graders are merrily gesso-ing their cats and they are lookin' good. A few even started painting (wait till you see the lime green kitty!)

SO - I was surprised to get two emails (related to my gesso posts) in the past week. The first was from a marketing specialist from School Specialty, responding to the gesso problems I reported on this blog. While I had filled out a customer service survey regarding my shipment(s) of gesso, it was the blog post that she was responding to.

She in turn reported my gesso problem to Liquitex, and a rep responded to me directly via email. There had indeed been a defective batch of gesso, and I was one of the unlucky recipients. While I didn't request it, I am being sent some complimentary gesso as a replacement. I am thrilled. This kind of follow-up never would have happened if I hadn't told you all about my gesso on this blog. Who would have thought that these companies are reading what we write? A big surprise, at least to me, for sure!!

He (the Liquitex rep) invited me to chat further with him at the NAEA conference in March (and I definitely will) and even complimented me on the blog. Such a nice end to a busy week at school!

And now I'm off for a busy week's vacation - a couple of days in NYC for fun, and a couple of days in Boston to visit my 'baby' (who at 23 isn't much of a baby I guess), and a couple of days at home to do laundry and clean the house. But I'll still be around in bloggy-land, too.


  1. HMMMM...I think I know that moose:-)
    I believe our blogs are being read a lot more than we realize...nice to know.
    So glad your gesso issues are having a happy ending!Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Nice to know that Liquitex cares! Have a great vacation! :)

  3. That is so cool! I love great customer service, now we all should buy Liquitex because they care. Can't get much better then that!