Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Funny Fold-up Faces - an instant sub idea!

Sometimes you've got to think fast.  Today I subbed in my former classroom.  The teacher has been out for a couple of weeks, for surgery, and is coming back tomorrow.  She luckily has had a terrific sub, but the sub was not available today. The teacher had left extensive plans for the sub, with multiple projects per grade level.  The sub had, in turn, left sticky notes all over the plans, explaining what had been completed and what was left to be done.  But I couldn't understand the instructions for 2nd and 3rd grade, who both had class today.  It looked like she had completed the lessons for them, and for one class, said to follow the plans "in the folder".  WHAT FOLDER???  I couldn't find it. For the other grade, she had left materials for a project that wasn't in the original lesson plans at all, and I couldn't find any introduction to the project to explain to the kids why/what they were doing.  So I texted the teacher (not the sub), who said it was OK if I could come up with something to do just for the one day.  

I grabbed some paper and crayons and made some quickie samples for funny fold-up faces.  The paper was folded so that the top and the bottom met in the middle, and a face was drawn on the folded paper (pic at the top of the post).  Then, the bottom was opened out, and a new mouth, chin, and face bottom were drawn attaching to the top part. Then it was closed again, and the top was opened out and new eyes and top of head were drawn to connect to the bottom.  (These are the two pics above.)  And finally, the top and bottom were both opened, and below is the face that appeared. 

Here's another sample.  First is the original face drawn on the folded paper. 
And below, I've added a new set of eyes, and next to it, a new mouth. 
And finally, the whole newly created face.  Remember, these are quickie samples. 

I didn't take pictures of the silly faces that the students made, but they were totally adorable!  There were cat faces, skeleton faces, clown faces, pretty ladies, angry aliens, men in top hats and bow ties, and so much more.  So thankful that it was successful, and I hope that, when the teacher is back in the classroom, that she is easily able get the kids back on track with what she has intended for them to do! 

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