Sunday, January 1, 2017


It's no secret that I'm a compulsive doodler.  I've blogged about doodling on other occasions, HERE, HERE, and HERE, for example.  There are more if you choose to look for them. I'm getting ready for a little art display in a local library, and thought it would be fun to mat and display a few of the more elaborate doodles.  So I started digging though some old little sketchbooks.  I got a couple of mats cut with six windows, figuring I could pull at least a dozen doodles to put in them.  The two above didn't make it into one of the mats, at least not yet.  Here's what did:
And here's another six.  The six below remind me somehow of the circus.  Not sure why, but I think I'll call them 'circus doodles'. 
 I realized  I had so many pages of doodles that I  will need to cut some more mats!  And these are just the ones that are in three little sketchbooks.  There are more...  Anyhow, here's another batch of 6:
 Occasionally I just leave a doodle in black and white, like the two below.  Then I have friends and acquaintances insisting that I should get a job designing for adult coloring books.  But here's the thing - I doodle WHEN I WANT TO, and not to anyone's specifications.  I don't think I'd be happy doodling if it was for a job. 
 Sometimes two disparate doodles seam to belong together.  That's what happened with the two below.  I was surprised to find how much I liked them next to each other.
 A lot of my doodles have been done at meetings and such. Case in point, the one below, done at a Temple Board meeting.  A few little notes sneaked into the doodle. 
 I came across these old doodles from union meetings, from my time when I was union president and/or on the negotiation and grievance committees. I bring a little pouch to meetings loaded with a batch of colorful Flair pens, black Sharpies, and an odd assortment of other fun pens and markers and such.  And of course a little sketchbook. 
And it appears I did a LOT of doodling at those Temple board meetings.  Others on the board would make sure to sit next to me so they could watch me doodle while we argued about finances and the religious school and such. 
 I think  this doodle below was from a speaker or workshop at an art conference.  I don't recall who the speaker was, but I like a lot of the words I wrote down. 
 If you are interested I've also written blog posts about the value of doodling.  Yes, it's a good thing!  To find any of these posts, just go to the labels on the bottom of the blog and click on 'doodling'.


  1. Such a celebration of color! Wish I had thought of putting my doodles done at staff meetings and negotiations in a sketchbook instead of in the margins of agendas!!

    1. Christie, I've also done thousands of doodles on those agenda margins! They sadly all eventually ended up in the trash...